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  • Analysis: Tackling the skills shortage

    • 20 Jan 2020
    • Harry Curtis

    The insurance industry is facing a huge skills shortage, with employers struggling to find ways to attract and retain top talent

  • MGA Mole: Why does banking look down on insurance?

    • 16 Jan 2020
    • MGA Mole

    Post has enlisted a managing general agent industry mole to lift the lid on what the sector is really like. Our anonymous commentator asks why the perception of working in the insurance industry is so bad from the outside.

  • Rising Star: Ieva Andraityte, Arc Legal Assistance

    • 16 Jan 2020
    • Ieva Andraityte, corporate relations and MI manager, Arc Legal Assistance

    Ieva Andraityte now manages some of the legal expenses of Arc Legal's largest corporate clients, having discovered a passion for statistics and data analysis at university.

  • Covea's Adrian Furness on pursuing a career in insurance

    • 17 Dec 2019
    • Adrian Furness

    Historically people have 'fallen' into insurance rather than seeking it as a career. Adrian Furness, chief operating officer at Covéa Insurance, asks if this is changing.

  • Rising Star: Shaun Towner, MPW Insurance Brokers

    • 12 Dec 2019
    • Harry Curtis

    After completing two CII qualifications in quick succession, Shaun Towner has already risen through the ranks to the position of account executive

  • Blog: Event cancellation - the role of the loss adjuster

    • 10 Dec 2019
    • Alex Whitaker

    Last month’s torrential rain that saw hundreds of homes and businesses in Yorkshire and the Midlands devastated by flood water served as a stark reminder of the destructive impact that the weather can have. But this can also have a severe impact on sporting, music and other public events, writes Alex Whittaker, senior adjuster at Hyperion Adjusters, part of Questgates.

  • I work in insurance: Tom Bennett, cyber incident specialist, CFC

    • 4 Nov 2019
    • Insurance POST staff

    Working as cyber incident specialist at CFC Underwriting, Tom Bennett ensures he stays abreast of recent developments in both hacker methodologies and cyber defence strategies

  • Institute and Faculty of Actuaries ordered to pay £38,000 in ‘direct discrimination’ case

    • 11 Sep 2019
    • Jen Frost

    Exclusive: The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries is considering appealing against a ruling, after an employment tribunal decided it must pay nearly £38,000 to a Zurich employee after it “directly discriminated” against him.

  • Trade Voice: Lee Elliston, LMA

    • 30 Aug 2019
    • Insurance POST staff

    Lee Elliston, Lloyd’s Market Association claims director, considers what the claims workforce of the future is likely to look like.

  • Blog: Flexible working - attracting and retaining talent

    • 27 Aug 2019
    • Prina Mashru

    The financial services and insurance sector suffers from a higher median gender pay gap than any other sector of the economy. Prina Mashru, head of human resources at Konsileo, argues that for women in the sector, flexible working arrangements could reduce this gap and ensure the industry retains the right talent.

  • Analysis: Discount rate decision casts a shadow over personal injury settlements

    • 5 Aug 2019
    • Harry Curtis

    The personal injury discount rate will be set at minus 0.25% from 5 August providing certainty for insurers and claimants alike, but uncertainty created by the Ministry of Justice review behind the new rate could have left claimants – as well as insurers – worse off.

  • Roundtable: Innovation in pricing: the need to adapt

    • 31 Jul 2019

    As insurers innovate, those at the core of insurers’ pricing and underwriting strategies face a growing need to adapt. Post held a roundtable, in association with Sas, to examine what is driving innovation in pricing and what challenges those changes present

  • Blog: What lies ahead for the future of skills in the insurance industry?

    • 26 Jul 2019
    • Cameron Gallagher

    The London insurance market is facing a huge skills shortage as insurance firms struggle to compete for talent. While a huge number of baby boomers are retiring from the sector and taking those long-held skills with them, there is also a distinct lack of millennials filling the void from the bottom up writes Cameron Gallagher, strategic client director at Manpower Group.

  • Analysis: The future of pricing – Data and technology

    • 25 Jun 2019
    • Sam Barrett

    Insurers are coming under increasing pressure to develop new ways of pricing. But, while data and technology hold the key, insurers face some significant challenges as they move to this brave new world.

  • Analysis: The road to inclusion

    • 24 Jun 2019
    • Martin Friel

    Most people in the industry would probably describe themselves as open-minded, abhorring any kind of discrimination and supportive of more diversity in the workplace. The enthusiasm for change from all quarters is testament to that.

  • ERS to launch underwriting academy in Swansea

    • 20 Jun 2019

    Specialist motor insurer ERS will open an underwriting academy in its Swansea office.

  • Analysis: Diversity and Inclusion: A marked shift in commitment

    • 11 Jun 2019
    • Valerie Hart

    Diversity and inclusion have moved from buzzwords to being embraced by the insurance industry for all the right reasons but is it doing enough?

  • Analysis: What do the millennials think of insurance?

    • 6 Mar 2019
    • Jen Frost

    Insurance has struggled to attract talent in recent years, finding itself competing with ‘sexier’ industries

  • BGL Group's Rachael Gillett on why apprenticeships could be a return to insurance roots

    • 7 Jan 2019
    • Rachael Gillett

    Many view apprenticeships as an obstacle to overcome or avoid but Rachael Gillett, chief people officer at BGL Group, reminds the sector that many existing employees started their successful careers this way.

  • Blog: Your dick is not in my job description

    • 13 Nov 2018
    • Jen Frost

    Amanda Blanc once told me off, as a journalist, for relying on her and others to call out sexism. Well Amanda, here you go. I hope this helps.