Wiser Academy

Wiser Academy


At Wiser Academy we offer training and development support to the Insurance industry.

Our mission is to increase the number of qualified professionals in our sector, by creating quality, affordable and accessible learning solutions. In doing so, we aspire to become the training provider of choice for the UK and the International Insurance sector. 

With a background in the Insurance profession, we are aware of the challenges & opportunities faced by sector, as a result our training courses are designed around the needs of the sector.

Company profile type: 
Company size: 
11-50 employees
General Insurance
Wanted occupational fields: 
Training Consultant
Wanted professional qualifications: 
Advanced Diploma in Insurance (ACII)



What is the process once I have applied?
We will contact you either by phone or via email to arrange a 1st stage telephone screening. Following a successful screening we will move the 2nd stage which is a formal interview either face to face or via virtual meeting. You will be provided with enough detail to prepare for the interview.
How many stages are involved in your interview process?
Typically 2
Stage 1: Initial telephone screening
Stage 2: Formal interview
How long will it take to receive feedback following my formal interview?
Once all candidates have been interviewed, we will make a decision and provide feedback within 3 - 5 days (sometimes sooner)


Tanita Diedericks 
Sales & Marketing/ Hiring Manager

Company Locations